"Sad Clyde Focus" by : -Anonymous-

Capturing the attention of the mainstream listener without falling into the pop music trap is a daunting task. "Punk" appeal can sometimes make the hazardous trek across enemy lines and live to speak of it. Semi contemporary bands like Greenday have braved the criticism of their hardcore fans in order to aspire to larger goals than the local cult following. The Verdicts aptly perform the same kind of miraculous feat. Sad Clyde Focus is an example of the adept melding of high energy rhythm and crisp tonal values that succeeds on the most important level. Pure enjoyment. The Verdicts are a band that features appealing vocals and harmonies, solid, professional instrumentality and inspired creative song writing. Sad Clyde Focus a quality piece of music that continues to deliver after repeated plays.

"Sad Clyde Focus" by : everwas

So the first thing my girlfriend says is "It's good, but it sounds like every other punk band out there," so I turn around and give her a confused look. That's not what I thought at all. It really brings back the feeling of when I first started listening to the radio back in (now she's saying something about Metallica, but I don't know WHAT she's talking about)... anyhow ... I can't place it, but this would have fit well back in the day with the Spin Doctors and Toad the Wet Sprocket (oh, and it wasn't Metallica, she was thinking of the Boston song "Indesicion", which is a great song)... so, yeah, keep it up.

"Sad Clyde Focus" by : Dianisis

Your one of the better bands I've heard today. You all play to a tight, well played beat. The vocals were well sung (tone and pitch) and had catchy back-ups. The mood of the song was very upbeat and I actually had my foot tappin. Good stuff guys. Rock on!

"Sad Clyde Focus" by : No Way Jose

Well i've heard a lot of pop punk here in Orange County and Los Angeles. Though I must say this band really kicks butt. It's kind of like when there was a rap metal era. Now there's the pop punk era. Though i must say perfect timing for this sort of music. Good melody, fun music. Great vocals. Keep up the great work. POP PUNK ALL THE WAY. I wonder what will be the next genre of music.