posted on 11.1.03

we have a show on november 15th with standing 8 @ the continental NYC. its a saturday, so you should all come down.

after so many months of practice, shows, and bearing witness to something that may actually take fire, hurts me. its been so long that i have been writing on this site, writing these songs, and killing myself to acheive a dream that most people can't earn in a lifetime. time, is the matter and i can't decide how to go about with it. id rather go about....without it. happy november.

if anyone is confused, it means that we arent playing "time" anymore! ha!


posted on 9.16.03

new design. i am tired. the shows on sunday were perfect. shirts will be in the merch section soon. later.


posted on 9.4.03

we got the shirts. we got the stickers. please come down to our show on saturday and see us play with a great band called LIVE


posted on 8.31.03

2 months pass from updating this section :-) shirts, stickers, and pins are all on the way. as for the ep its still in the works. the live on penn festival is coming up real soon. all i can say is, check out our new set and get ready for our tour.


posted on 6.20.03

So I forgot to update this section in particular. I don't really care for it too much. So I'll give a short blurb about the past 4 months. We welcomed Jay and Chris into the group. We love them dearly. We played a few shows around the Island. Like usual, the scene has been dormant. We give a ton of thanks to all who showed up to watch our sets and buy our cd's. We are all still very poor and we are starving. It's the life and I love it.


posted on 2.26.03

Acoustic set at Rembrant's March 14th click here for more info...


posted on 1.13.03

2 new MP3's @! click here to get em!

8 new Aol Instant Messenger Buddy Icons have been added. Click here to get them!

One show has been posted up for Jan 17th. It's going to be a benefit show for a friend who needs major heart surgery. Please come down and show your support. more info


posted on 12.18.02

Yes! I know the site needs some work! Would you just shut the fuck up! haha. Anyway, new buddy icons have been added. As well as a show. Pics will be up soon and more mp3's. Stay tuned.