-2nd Phase of Denial-

1. Time
2. Everything Holidays
3. Rather Been Something Else
4. Anyhow
5. Destiny Is Dead
6. Plainview
7. Changing Your Mind
8. Away From Here
9. Faster Than The System
10. Sad Clyde Focus
11. Leave
12. Eva

Recorded June/October 02, January/March 03

.1. Time

it started out that we would just be friends
i said I'd call you on the phone, and then i'd meet you at our show
we could laugh about those stupid little things
talk about a band that rocked, or about a band that really sucks

thought about this in suspicion once
you told me why i'll never be the one
get it out my head i cannot say
from all i know, nothing is gonna change

you tell me about a guy you really like
i sit and think and wonder why, oh why that guy just cant be me
three weeks later he will leave and break your heart
it calms to condradict itself
even though we haven't grown apart

thought about this indecision once
you told me why i'll never be the one
get it out of my head i cannot say
from all i know...

we can really make it if we tried
still i can't believe that you won't look at me
why can't you see your the only one
who could change the way i feel...

.2. Everything Holidays

scattered around this painted paramount
been caught staring at nothing
feeding holidays
the more you can adore
sorry's to all the seldom sentiments
so where's the growing incision
when your faking everything
the more in this discourse

can it seem the way over truth
can you feel the weight over you
its true, only happiness is due for you
soon, its two
taking all the past in front of you

maybe i won't take any of your time
so where's the crying decision
when your faking everything
and would you ever care anymore

.3. Rather Been Something Else

it didn't seem like too long
to get into your mind
can we take back things again
oh, i'm not yours
i wish we were more than danger
signed by truly me

.4. Anyhow

i don't give a fuck for anything
im sick of all pretentious bullshit
the lies infectiing everyone
i can not stop, im gonna rot my brain

I want to say i do
but i can't fucking stand you now, or anyhow
im sorry disarray

i want to tell you all these things
but i cant find you. curse, your missing out on me
all the shit you said was fake you bitch, i hope you die

this sond goes out to you
cause i can't fucking stand you now, or anyhow
im sorry disarray

nothing is going to make this right
nothing is gonna change my fate
dont you ever come back here again

.5. Destiny Is Dead

cruel as in your mascarade
taking all my time away
i've certainly have not fell down
screaming all my insides out

almost now

some would take the mind decay
almost put my life away
take me to that underground
certainly what ive not found

maybe I'm not the only problem for you now
almost now
although in doubt

.6. Plainview

i haven't really given much thought to the ones that i hurt
it is not an expense, these people are cheap
you gotta live it up. you gotta get a point of view
cause soon, there will be no one around

i tried so hard to make a difference when there is nothing to say
can i be the one to get around? it always comes out my way

plainview is such a drag, the time
the deal is such a drag all the time
this town is such a drag, the time

change is such a mental thing
i think that you should try it on
another sentimental thing
i thought, as if it all were god

and they'll be no one around, yea

.7. Changing Your Mind

im not entirely mistaken
i think your wrong
its' got to your head this time
god in our control

tell your sister that she is all alone
tell your sister that she is coming home

nevermind a vague impression
not enough to say obsession
never gonna fall away again

safe to say a hopeless bother
not enough to save the follow
never gonna fall away again

.8. Away From Here

think about the times in our early days
when we didn't have a care for it anyways
i dont care if im left... the only one, looking back
cause im here on my own

gotta get away from here

you see how things can always change
you can't make a difference, no matter how great you are
don't look back on your friends, cause they will just turn you down

get a look around yourself someday
you'll have the time to recollect yourself
i'm not the one

gotta get away from here

.9. Faster Than The System

spending on aspiration, spend it on learning
so much for anarchy cause they are conforming
where is your education? fucked up and ridiculed
cause I cannot understand why
I want to be me to be free
everybody is telling me what to be
and I'll never be your manican of an american citizen

don't tell me they can take my right away
don't tell me that I cannot choose to stay

cause no matter what I'll do
i'll probably end up like you
the prophecy of empathy
and the nation that we call free

so much for retibution, too much conforming
everything is coming out to be so informing
where is your education? Fucked up and ridiculed
cause I cannot understand why
i want to be me to be free
everybody is telling me what to be
and I'll never be your manican of an american citizen

.10. Sad Clyde Focus

lost myself again
this time i mean it when i say im OK
i don't know where i am
everything is bleeding all inside of my head

i don't know

never mind the rain
it feels so untimed again
i don't know
thinking of patcience, im thinking insane

I don't know

don't you ever waste your time on me
cause im the label
your forever

.11. Leave

you and I can run around
and play these games all day
no control means more to you than most things
and nothing's changed

take a look around this town
tell me if your golden seam is coming down
nothing is going to change, i think
unless you take it all out on me

you try to point the finger
when there is no one left to blame
there is nothing left to say, except, i hate you
so turn your head

i can't beleive those word you said
when you tore my heart in two
i can't beleive those things you said
when you broke this trust in two

.12. Eva

eva i know

sometimes it feels like im the one around
sometimes it feels that good to be put down
eva look what you have done

eva, curses you..alone
sometimes there's no one around
everything is breathing to all of the truth
your fake, enough
your dead, enough

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