Frequently Asked Questions v1.5
Question : What?

Answer : shut up.

Q : Are you guys "Punk Rock"

A : Define your definition of "Punk Rock" for your fucking self. I will do the same.

Q : Who is in the band?

A : Me, Robb, Chris, and Jay :-)

Q : What is a Verdict?

A : Its the outcome of things. Good and unfortunate. If you would take a few minutes to listen closely, you'll see how unfortunate things can be.

Q : Where are "The Verdicts" from?

A : Long Island, New York.

Q : Why are you such an asshole?

A : Why am I such an asshole?

Q : doody?

A : poop.

Q : Is feces a form of fertilizer?

A : It can be used for that.

Q : How many demos have you guys put out?

A : Around six. We have over 30 songs circulating.

Q : When did the group come to be?

A : 1998.