The Verdicts. The songs toe the line of catchy and meaningful, a feeling that persists throughout the length of the CD. Every song is worth telling a friend about.

They are lead by charismatic front man John Cruess, who writes, sings lead vocals and winks at your little sister in the third row. Robb Griffin is on lead guitar and provides a commanding stage presence with his tall frame, searing guitar riffs and baby blues. Jason “The Human Metronome” Enz cant seem to help playing the drums like a rock star. Finally, Chris Jackson strums bass. Chris is also pissed off. He knows it, you know it, but its cool because you can’t shake that thump in your chest that his playing leaves you with.

Since 1998, The Verdicts have opened and headlined a total of 200+ appearances. Recently, Ernieball welcomed the group to the Randall's Island Warped Tour '02 event. On Mp3.com they landed spots on over 100 stations, received over 30,000 plays, and still soar through the ranks on mp3.com. The band has opened for such acts as : The Starting Line, Catch 22, The Pilfers, The Toasters, Lounge and all of the Long Island local talent.

The latest production has given direction and a perfect understanding of what "The Verdicts" is all about. The 2nd Phase of Denial portrays the tales of suburbian bordem. Be sure to pick up a copy and wear headphones.

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